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Holidays in Indonesia : Singkawang long sand beach

Holidays in Indonesia : Singkawang long sand beach
Singkawang known as the City of Amoy and its China Town of Indonesia, because the majority of the population (about 70%) are ethnic Chinese. Visiting the city directly adjacent to the State of Sarawak, Malaysia is, of course not complete until they've been visiting the Pasir Panjang beach.
Beach's iconic tourism Singkawang tourist attraction and one of the mainstay of West Kalimantan province has developed into an integrated tourism package Pasir Panjang Taman Indah (TPPI).Named to the Pasir Panjang beach because the beach long stretches vault open sea.
Pantai Pasir Panjang Singkawang From shore, visitors can enjoy panoramic ocean blue background is also blue horizon. Dimly in the distance green refracted Lemukutan Island, Isle of sackcloth, and a fenced Randayan Island Natuna Sea waters. Wide sandy beaches and clean making it convenient to use the area for sunbathing or doing sports activities, such as beach volleyball and beach football.
Water clear and clean sea is very supportive of the activities of visitors who want to swim or dive. In addition, relatively large waves and became home to many fish, so aptly used as an arena of surfing and fishing areas.

The atmosphere of this increasingly exclusive region ahead of the moments of sunset (sunset) behind the islands located in the vicinity of this coastal region. Visitors can enjoy it from the beach or from the tourist huts are numerous in the region.
When bored on the beach, visitors can look around the fishing village community life that is not too far from the beach, or relax in the shelter-shelter located in Peninsular Love.
Location Pasir Panjang Beach Singkawang
Pasir Panjang Beach is located in District Seven, City of Singkawang, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.
Singkawang town is about 142 kilometers from the city of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Province. From Supadio Airport or Bus Terminal Pontianak, visitors can take a taxi, travel, or a bus to City Singkawang. From the city center Singkawang, Pasir Panjang Beach is about 17 kilometers longer. Visitors can access it by taxi, bus, or minibus.
Ticket Prices
Visitor fee of Rp 5,000, - per person.
Accommodation and Other Facilities
Pantai Pasir Panjang Pasir Singkawang In Long Beach area there are tourist information centers, discotheques, rent a speed boat, water bicycle, darmoling, Go Karting, shelter, shelter, cabin tours, and souvenir shops. Visitors who are not accustomed to swim at the beach to swim in the pool of available, but who do not like swimming or sunbathing can surround the beach with banana boat ride. Visitors who bring their children can still have fun because this region is available in children's playground.
Visitors are not going to look for food because of difficulty in this area there are restaurants, cafes, food stalls, and hawkers. So do you want to stay, do not have to bother bringing a tent or sleeping bag because in this region are available guesthouse and hotels with various types.
Source: Malay Tourism
Location: City Singkawang

Holidays in Indonesia : Karimun Java - Swim with Sharks

Holidays in Indonesia : Karimun Java - Swim with Sharks
Shark. Hmm, who do not recognize the animal species of mammal on this one. Ferocity, no doubt. Sharp teeth, of course, could easily rip their prey immediately, not to mention humans. So no wonder if the shark is the most feared marine animals.
Well, on the island of Karimun, Jepara, Central Java, there is a location where we can actually chat with white sharks (Carcharodon carsharias) without worrying.
"Just do not hold the tail. If held, yes iso bite. If arep ngelus holding his head just enough. Do not bite it, "said Karso, one boat crew who became our guide while visiting one of floating houses on the island of Menjangan Besar, Karimun National Park, Java, Jepara, Sunday (29 / 6) yesterday.
In the floating house as well as a place of lodging of the tourists here, dozens of sharks measuring between 1 to 1.5 meters maintained. By the owner, the shark became a kind of entertainment for tourists who stay in these floating houses. Later, as the interest of tourists visiting these locations, the manager invited houseboat tourists who want to try the adrenaline swim with sharks collection.
For an entrance fee, the manager did not set the ticket cost."Typically, entry fees for one party only Rp 20,000," said Karso.
Cheap is not it?! Moreover, these rates include rental snorkeling equipment, such as Goggle, snorkle, and fins.

Lisa, one student from the Netherlands who are following an exchange student in Yogyakarta, admitted that initially she was scared of sharks swimming in the pool size of approximately 9 mx 9 m it. "At first I was scared, but this is an amazing experience, why do not I try it," he said in English accent.
This sensation, which also provoked me to test your nerve. At first it rada excited, but after learning that the owner enough to feed to them and convince me that the sharks were benign, I was finally nyemplung into a pool which contains about nine shark.
There are two pool shark at the floating house built since 18 years ago. The first pond, measuring about 3m x 7m, located right in front of the house that leads to the high seas. In this pool, tourists were not allowed to swim. Given, in addition inhabited but also there are white shark barracuda fish that are categorized as malignant.
According to Is (53), manager of the houseboat, there are about a dozen different kinds of fish. However, that pretty much is the white shark and barracuda with a variety of sizes. "Sharks are the most big size 50 kg. All of the children. Their parent is dead. At first there were four. Three dead, one was brought to Ancol, "said Is, who has worked at the homestead of Mr. James for 20 years.
According to Is, the fish are the catch of the fishermen and then maintained as a decoy for the guests who came to the homestead.
Guests or visitors who arrived at the homestead, only allowed to swim in the pool is located next to the left homeless. In addition there are sharks in the pool is also a tortoise is large enough. Is, do not know the details of his age, but the tortoise was already there in the house since 5 years ago.
In addition to the Is-run guesthouse, a pool shark in the guesthouse there are also floating Karimun Jaya, belonging to (late) Ismarjoko.On this floating guesthouse, there are several types of sharks of various sizes.
According Diah, one of the managers at the homestead, that sharks are classified as malignant. However by giving adequate and regular food, the fish will not attack those who want to swim in the pool shark found in the homestead. "Ad's also a daring swim.Nothing really. Kan has been given adequate and regular meals.Usually when you're sated they still benign-benign aja. Just do not hurt right down to the pond, "he said.
"Usually those Caucasians who dare to swim here," he added.
Not difficult to reach the floating guesthouse on the island of Menjangan Besar. From the fishing harbor in the village Karimunjawa just take the time not more than ten minutes by chartered boats belonging to fishermen, at a rate ranging between Rp 250,000 to Rp 300,000 for a full day's rental.
Karimun Java archipelago consists of 27 small islands located in the Java Sea. The location is about 83 km north of Jepara. Of the 27 islands, only five inhabited islands, namely Pulau Karimun, Kemujan, Parang, Mosquitoes, and Genting.
In addition to offering sensation mingle with sharks, the area of white sand beach that lies a small deer island main attraction. This location can also be used as an area of sea water therapy.
There are two alternative sea transportation routes that could be used to Karimun, namely by using the KMP Muria from the Port of Kartini of Jepara or speed boat from the port Karimun Tanjung Mas Semarang. But this one is transportation, since a month ago, in a damaged condition and was repaired. This is what causes the spike in passengers in KMP Moria for the past month. Within a week, there are two times schedule from Jepara to Karimun, namely Wednesday and Saturday.
Well, if you have the opportunity to visit Karimun, it's worth trying to challenge that can test your adrenaline. Guaranteed will be an unforgettable experience.
Correspondents Report Eko Lawrence Sofyan

Holidays in Indonesia : Raja Ampat ,Papua

Holidays in Indonesia : Raja Ampat ,Papua

When you are on holiday in Indonesia, you probably know Raja toursim inPapua, Indonesia. This is one of the best tourist attractions in the world because of the beauty beneath the sea, for those of you wholove diving and vacationing in Indonesia, try to come to tour Papua Raja.

Some tourists seemed engrossed in eating and chatting casually, looking out towards the sea that dominated blue, green, and white.The colors that appear because of the influence of coral reefs in theshallow sea bottom or inside. They were enjoying lunch at thePapua Diving Resort, West Irian Jaya f waters.
Hot sun and brisk air makes exasperated guests to dive and diveagain. Sunlight often penetrate the crevices of sea waves up to thereef. Beauty scenery and marine life does make a lasting impression for tourists. For lovers of coastal tourism and underwaterfanatic, Raja Ampat are very well known even considered the best inworld for quality of coral reefs.
Many international underwater photographers capture the charm ofthe sea Raja Ampat. Some even come over and over again andmake a special book about the beauty of coral reefs and marine lifeof this region. Mid-2006, a special team of the world's leadingscientific adventure magazine, National Geographic, createcoverage in Raja Ampat which will become the main report in 2007.

A total of 610 islands
Raja Ampat is a fraction Sorong, since 2003. District has a population of 31,000 souls has 610 islands (only 35 islands areinhabited) with a total area of about 46,000 km2, but only 6,000 km2of land, 40,000 km2 in the sea. The islands are unspoiled and thesea is still beautiful to make direct tourists hooked. They seemed towant to explore all the waters of the "Bird's Head" New Guinea.
This area had been targeted by poachers by reef fish bombing andcyanide poison to spread. However, there are still many people whoattempt to protect the region so that the wealth of the sea could besaved. Coral reefs in Raja Ampat is considered the most completesea in the world. Of the 537 coral species of the world, 75 percentwere in these waters. Also found 1104 species of fish, 669 speciesof molluscs (soft animals), and 537 species of coral animals.Incredible.
The World Bank in collaboration with global environmental institutions establish Raja Ampat as one region in East Indonesia, which received assistance Coral Reef Rehabilitation andManagement Program (Coremap) II, since 2005. In Raja Ampat,this program covers 17 villages and involve the local population.Fishermen are also trained to cultivate fish, grouper and sea grass.

Papua Diving, the only exotic resort that offers underwater tours in the region, visited by tourists diving enthusiasts at home for days and even up to a month-ford the contours of the seabed. They seemed to not want to go back to their own countries because they get an "island paradise second to none on this earth."
Managers not easy to prepare a place for tourists. Maximillian J Ammer, a Dutch citizen of Papua Diving Resort owners are also pioneers of marine tourism drive this region, need desperately to set up various facilities to attract tourists from abroad. Since starting his business eight years ago, many of the funds must be spent.However, the results are also satisfactory. Each year the resort is visited at least 600 special tourist who spent an average of two weeks.
Lodging is very simple that only a walled and roofed woven palm leaves that cost at least 75 euros, or Rp 900,000 a night. If you want to dive must pay 30 euros, or approximately USD $ 360,000 once a dive at one particular location. Most tourists come from Europe.Only a few tourists from Indonesia to stay and dive in there.
"Tourists dive nearly every day because the dive sites are very wide and varied. The beauty of coral reefs are varied so much choice and invite curiosity. There are tourists who are aged 80 years is still strong dive, "said Max Ammer which women married to Manado.
Three years ago, Papua Diving build a modern inn not far from the first location. Apparently, the inn was built by relying on local building materials are almost always fully booked. Though the charge reached 225 euros, or about Rp 2.7 million per night. In the new location, equipped with modern appliances, including international telephone and internet facilities.
Tourists to the Raja Ampat Diving just want to Papua on the island because of the facilities and maid Mansuar already an international standard, also the food. They landed at the airport Domne Eduard Osok, Sorong, directly to the location by speed boat with a capacity of about 10 people at a rate of Rp 3.2 million each way. It takes about 3-4 hours to reach Mansuar.
Like the other islands, Mansuar looks beautiful because of its forests are still awake and the seawater was so clean of marine life which is not far from the surface can be clearly seen. Tourists simply swim or snorkel air to see the beauty of the sea, whereas if you want to observe directly beauty of marine life in the depths, they have to dive.

Feel Safe
Local residents involved in the development and management of the resort, and even 90 of the 100 employees are citizens of Papua.Residents also supplies fish, vegetables, fruits, and others. One ofthe tour package to visit villages to see the typical local plants andanimals, including birds of Paradise. Many tourists who becomedonors church development and education of children around theMan-flare.
Max Ammer is committed to improving the economy and skills oflocal residents. They were trained in foreign languages and usescuba gear. Tourists feel safe even in times of day and night whileenjoying hot and sunsets as well as swimming and diving in the seais very deep.
In addition to maritime affairs and fisheries, Raja Ampat has awealth of natural resources, including oil and nickel. At the bottom ofthe sea there are also many old sunken ships of World War II, whichis estimated to contain "treasure trove" of high value. However, ifmismanaged, it is feared exploitation activities threaten thepreservation and natural beauty of the sea.

Holidays in Indonesia : Senggigi Beach ,Lombok

Holidays in Indonesia : Senggigi Beach ,Lombok
holiday in Indonesia, not to miss the beach Senggigi, Lombok,because when you are on vacation in Indonesia this place became one of the best tourist favorite place after Bali

If you ever imagine your body lying on the beach Indonesia, on a beautiful white sand, sprinkled with exotic all-natural landscape, and bombarded the sunlight that warms the body, it is not wrong if you took a recreation and tourism were to Senggigi Beach on the IslandLombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The beach is located 12 kilometers northwest of Mataram is indeed a tourist attraction famous for its beautiful beaches and naturalness.
People often juxtapose the beauty of this beach with famous beaches on the island of Bali, like Kuta, Legian and Sanur. In fact, the beauty of Senggigi Beach is often portrayed exceed these beaches, because the condition is much more comfortable and quiet. Perhaps this is related to the arrival of foreign tourists has not been rampant in this beach.
As a mainstay of coastal resorts of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Senggigi is still relatively natural and maintained clean. The beach is still beautiful, lapping waves not too big, and beautiful underwater scenery, the more confirmed that the beach that stretches about 10 kilometers is the ideal place for domestic and foreign tourists for a moment forget the daily routine and atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of the city.
Senggigi Beach is now beginning ogled by tourists, especially foreign tourists, because the area is relatively virgin and also has extensive information about its existence. With increasing interest and enthusiasm of tourists to Senggigi Beach, the local governments and companies sewasta increasingly keen to build and fix all the infrastructure, for the tourists more interested to visit this beach.

Feature :
Visiting Senggigi in Lombok Island may need to be a tourism agenda for tourists who love the beauty and natural coolness. Justimagine, when entering the beach area, travelers will soon be swept away by the breeze gently blowing in the cluster along the coast inWest Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Fresh atmosphere,comfortable, and beautiful as if greeting tourists at the beginning ofhis visit. As has been at the beach, the eyes of the tourists will beserved by the exotic charm of the beach set in waves chasing each other, white sand which extend, and thousands of small animals thatspreads on a bed of sand, and the landscape of Mount Agung in theopposite island (Island of Bali).
Senggigi beach does offer a unique charm. Natural atmosphere thathas not been much crammed by foreign tourists, as a marker ofdifference this beach with the beaches in Bali. It certainly gives the feel a great pleasure for the visitors. No wonder, the beach is nowused as a new alternative destination for tourists miss thereassuring atmosphere of natural silence....

There are many tourist activities that can be done in this beach visitors, such as swimming, water play, diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, and playing around making sandcastles. If the afternoon sun had begun to fade, tourists can also take the time to just relax with a barefoot walk through the beach, sitting on the sand with mangamati blue-green sea water, or relax at the seaside hotel outlets while waiting for sunset arrived. For visitors who want to swim or just play the water, it is suggested to be more careful, because at the seaside there are many coral reefs are quite dangerous pointy toe.
For tourists visiting the Senggigi Beach, sempatkanlah observed Pura Batu Bolong. As I walked along the edge of Senggigi Beach, less than about half an hour, travelers will find a temple built on a rock which lies on the beach. Pura is what the community was named Pura Batu Bolong. According to local legend, long ago in the temple is often held sacrifice of a virgin, as a serving of food to Shark who live on the beach. Another legend says, the temple is also a place for women to throw themselves into the sea because of a broken heart.

Another interesting thing to do is along the Senggigi at night, especially during full moon arrives. Visitors will see lots of people / people around who take advantage of the warm sand of Senggigi to medical therapy. They bury part or all of the body until the neck for 2-3 hours, while listening to the waves that broke the silence. This therapy is believed to surrounding communities to cure various diseases, such as pegel shooting pain to paralysis. If interested in this activity, visitors can join and try it.
For matters of the stomach, tourists can try the delights the kinds of dishes / Lombok typical dishes in restaurants are lined up neatly on the edge of the beach. The price varies from Rp 30,000 to Rp 300,000 per person (December 2008). Of course, dining fun at the beach lit by moonlight tinge and were entertained by orchestras beach waves a pity if it is passed away. No less interesting, tourists do not forget to taste the typical dishes ie Chicken Taliwang Lombok and Plecing Kangkung. Almost every restaurant in Senggigi Beach, Lombok or in general, provide this cuisine. While eating the chicken Taliwang or Plecing Kangkung, tourists will be entertained with typical Lombok arts, music and dance form. Even if you do not mind, visitors are also allowed to dance together in shades of joy and kinship.
In addition, for by-by, tourists also do not forget to buy pearls and woven fabric with various motifs and colors. Pearl jewelry that has been assembled into a beautiful and charming eyes are mostly found in the beachside kiosks. However, if you want to string the pearls themselves, tourists can buy a plain pearl beads. Plain pearl is usually sold in the form of a necklace that consists of many pearls.Pearls can be arranged themselves according to the desired form of jewelry.
Once satisfied to enjoy the natural beauty of Senggigi Beach, tourists can go on tour to the tourist attractions are not far from the coast, among others, the three Gili (small islands): namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, Beach Kerandangan, andPantai Batu screen. The screen is a stone shrine for the followers of Islam in Lombok Island Wetu Telu (Sasak tribe.)

Senggigi Beach is situated in the northwest city of Mataram, West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB), Indonesia.

Access :
Towards Senggigi Beach area is easy, because there's been the ports and airports on the island of Lombok. If departed from the island of Bali, travelers can depart from the Port of Karang Asem use ferries to Senggigi, with travel time about 30 minutes away.Mileage can be pruned when using aircraft from Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar towards Selaparang in Mataram (the capital city of NTB), which only takes about 15 minutes.
Apart from the Port of Karang Asem, tourists can also depart from the port of Padang Bay in Bali use a ferry to the Sheet Harbour on the island of Lombok. On the way, travelers will be pampered with a beautiful natural scenery and also the emergence of dolphins followed the ship that chased each other. Padang Bay-sheet travel by ferry takes about 4 hours. After arriving at the Port of Sheet, tourists can continue the journey to the City of Mataram. From Mataram, Senggigi Beach is 11 kilometers and can be reached by taxi and other public transport.
In addition to sea, tourists can also go Senggigi Beach using air flights from major cities in Indonesia, like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and Yogyakarta. By using aircraft from one of the city, tourists will get to the airport Selaparang, Mataram. From the airport to direct tourists to the area of Senggigi Beach.

Accommodation and Other Facilities :
In the vicinity of Senggigi Beach there are many lodging options that can be tailored to your needs. Ranging from hotels, resorts, hotels jasmine to lodging. Some places to stay that can be used as an alternative is the Holiday Inn, the Oberoi, Sheraton Senggigi, Melati Dua Cottage, Pool Villa Club, Panorama Cottage, and others. In addition, in the coastal region is also found many restaurants, cafes, bars, open markets, a row of souvenir stalls and souvenirs, rooms, public restrooms, ample parking, and others. Indonesia Senggigi Beach is the beach that deserves to be a place of tourist beaches.

Holidays in Indonesia : Pasar Seni Sukawati Bali

Holidays in Indonesia : Pasar Seni Sukawati Bali

Want to know the places to shop souvenirs during this? Maybe you've been there. Especially if not Sukawati Art Market.

With travel approximately 1 hour from Kuta, you will arrive at this art market that offers a variety of art items with prices far cheaper than elsewhere. May be practically as "malioboro" her Bali.

A flavorful Bali handicrafts are sold here. Starting Bali patterned shirt, bed sheets, photo frames, wallets and goods other daily necessities sold here. Interestingly, for a bargain hobby, your expertise can be applied.

Incomplete taste vacation to a place without visiting the market by-the local area. Bali as a tourist destination provides a variety of beautiful souvenirs yo
u can buy for souvenirs and personal collections. Almost every corner is a typical Balinese souvenir sellers.

Sukawati art market is one of the traditional market that has been famous for its unique Balinese souvenirs. Located in the Gianyar district about 45 minutes from Kuta area. A variety of crafts from processed wood, bronze, silver, roots and other materials. Bali-patterned clothing and a variety of typical Balinese fabrics are also available here.

As long holiday such as school holidays and new years this market will be full of visitors. because the souvenirs sold at Sukawati art market is very diverse and relatively cheap price. Souvenirs are sold along the streets of Kuta an
d Legian are generally derived from this market.

You can visit other areas in the Gianyar region after visiting Sukawati art market, such as Ubud and earlier can visit Batubulan to see the Kecak or Keris dance

Holdays in Indonesia : Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Holdays in Indonesia : Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Holiday in Indonesia, especially Bali, you will not miss the sights of this one, where you can watch the scenery and buildings of the past from previous times you can relax and enjoy the beauty and magic that's fun while enjoying the scenery, a holiday in Indonesia, especially at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Bali, is one destination of foreign tourists and local tourists, so try yourself vacationing in Indonesia at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Located at Jimbaran area, southern island of Bali, here will be built a large sculpture in the form of god Vishnu who was sitting on top of the garuda. As of July 2008, the giant statue, designed by I Nyoman Nuarta are still separate, the statue of the god Vishnu, eagle statues and also the hands of the god Vishnu. This statue will become a symbol like the Statue of Liberty in America. Its location on the hill, just beautiful scenery there. GWK is also equipped with an area for theatrical dance performance featuring sendra (depending on show schedule). In front of the entrance gate, greeted by Balinese music that accompanies the 2 people who welcome guest Balinese dancers. Do not miss the pedestal there are several shops, food stalls and even factory outlet (where the idol of mothers). Several tour operators make GWK location for the evening meal while enjoying the sunset. Entrance fee of Rp 15,000 / person + car Rp 5,000. A bit expensive to get into this place, but if this statue is so, then this place would be 'the place must be visited'. so try to come together with family for a vacation in Indonesia.

Holdays in Indonesia : Pura Taman Ayun

Holdays in Indonesia : Pura Taman Ayun

Holiday in Indonesia, especially Bali, you will not miss the sights of this one, where you can watch the scenery and buildings from the era preceding then you can relax and enjoy the beauty and magic that's fun while enjoying the scenery, a holiday in Indonesia, especially in the Pura Taman Ayun Bali, is one destination of foreign tourists and local tourists, so try yourself on holiday in Indonesia in Tanjung Benoa Bali
Pura Taman Ayun. Pura which means "Beautiful Garden" is located in the village of Mengwi, Badung. This temple is surrounded by a small ditch which is said to frequently traveled by the lady's maid palace with a small boat. In the center there is a fountain monument that led to 9 of the wind. There is a tower that is bale kul-kul where you can ride on it, and see the sights around the site with ease. Admission price of Rp 3,000 / person. But sorry, I think this place is not too special. If you do not like art objects, you may want to visit Tohpati (batik), Celuk (silver smith), Batuan (painting), Kemenuh (wood sculptor), Ubud Art Market (Museum Renaissance BLANCO). And also if you noticed a lot of craftsmen Buddha statue in Bali, but there are not many different Hindu? When I asked the driver as well as a tour guide, the craftsmen are coming from outside Bali, and because of the many foreign visitors are attracted to the Buddha statue, the craftsmen are mushrooming in Bali.
So for those of you who will be vacationing in Indonesia alone trying to come to Bali Taman Ayun Temple, and enjoy the diversity of Balinese art.

Holdays in Indonesia : Tanjung Benoa

Holdays in Indonesia : Tanjung Benoa
Holiday in Indonesia, especially Bali, you will not miss the sights of this one, where you can make an exciting adventure activities while enjoying stunning scenery, a holiday in Indonesia, especially in Tanjung Benoa, Bali, is one destination of foreign tourists and local tourists, so try yourself Your holiday in Indonesia in Tanjung Benoa Bali
* Tanjung Benoa. On this beach we can do a lot of water sports, like jetski, parasailing (parachute being towed by speedboat), banana boat, flying fish (I thought this game for gr
anted, but after seeing firsthand how his game, wauw .. very exciting), diving, glass bottom boat. You can rent a boat at the bottom of the glass is installed so that can see into the water. Be careful when renting, the price of an existing price list that can be bargained like crazy. Fortunately before I had time left for browsing and searching for information is the price of the games. Here are some prices that I can get on the internet (July 2008)

* Parasailing: Rp 55,000 / person

* Banana Boat: Rp 50,000 / person (min 2 org)
* Flying Fish: Rp 120,000 / person (min 2 org)

* Water skiing: Rp 110,000 / org, 15 minutes
* Snorkeling: Rp 90,000 / org (min 2 org)
* Diving: USD 235,000 / org
* Glass bottom boat: Rp 250,000 / boat (max 10 org)
* Dolphin Tour: Rp 500,000 / person / 4 hours

Tanjung Benoa

When I asked to one operator, to glass bottom boat rental charged Rp 500,000 / boat, luckily I already knew this harga2 before, after bargaining eventually fall in price Rp 250,000 / boat. By using the boat, we can look to the sea floor, feeding fish with bread that has been provided and also once visited the turtle breeding places (there are a few places). There we can take pictures with animals such as snakes, birds, bats and turtles of course. On the island there is also a craft-craft, also sells young coconuts to relieve thirst. Go to this island are charged Rp 2,000 / org which is said to maintenance of the animals there. JJH recommend this place ..

Operators we use: Benoa Marine Recreation (BMR Dive & Water Sport), Jl Pratama No. 99X, phone: (0361) 771 757

Holdays in Indonesia : Pantai Kuta Bali

Holdays in Indonesia : Pantai Kuta Bali

Vacation in Indonesia will not escape from Bali especially Kuta Beach, how is not nearly everyone knows Kuta Beach Bali while on holiday in Indonesia This is the most favorite place in Bali, which is surely all the tourists will come to visit and vacation in Indonesia precisely in Kuta Beach Bali, because it always makes tourists amazed of the beauty of the surrounding panorama.
Kuta Beach. This is a must for the tourist beaches. This beach has good waves, so a lot of surfers play on this beach. The beach is very crowded by tourists visited foreign countries, generally they are swimming, sunbathing, surfing, running along the beach. To get into this area are free, most just parking fees alone. On this beach, you will find the vendors massage services, hair braiding, temporary tattoos, rental chair, well anyway once crowded there. If you are just a short vacation but want to feel this beach, enjoy some time alone, remember we want a holiday right? Not going to swim right
make your vacation days to visit Bali in Kuta beach, with the family on holiday in Indonesia.

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